Why join the Alberta Herbalists Association (AHA)?

Membership in a professional organization increases credibility and recognition of your profession. Clients, the public and other practitioners can be assured that Professional members of the AHA hold themselves to high standards for education and professionalism, they abide by a code of ethics, practice within their area of competence, and continue their professional development on a regular basis. Student and Associate members enjoy many of the benefits of involvement in our community, including discounts at participating businesses and events; they also head committees for the AHA and can even hold positions on the board of directors.

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Membership Options

There are three levels of participation in the AHA; Professional, Student and Associate membership.

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Register for Your AHA Membership:

Find out how to fill out the forms and what supporting documents to include with our Handy Application Guide.

Membership Forms:

ALL new members, please complete the basic Membership Application Form
Professional Members also complete the Professional Membership Application Form
Student Members may wish to use the Detailed Education Tracking Sheet to submit their training. The Practicum Tracking Sheet can be used to submit a record of your practicum hours.

Membership Fees

Membership New Member
Admin Fee
Yearly Dues Total
Associate Member N/A $25/year $25
Student Member $25 $50/year $75
Professional Member $25 $100/year $125

How To Submit Your Application and Payment

Submit by Email & Pay with PayPal:

You can scan and submit your forms and supporting documents to membership@albertaherbalists.com and pay with paypal.
Please choose your membership option:
Associate Member Student Member Professional Member

We prefer to receive applications via email or at the AGM at this time. To mail an application through the post, please contact membership@albertaherbalists.com for instructions.

Have a question about registration? Please contact us at membership@albertaherbalists.com .